The Russian Across the Curriculum tutorial is part of the program's advanced coursework requirements.

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Russian Across the Curriculum

As part of the program’s advanced coursework, Russian Flagship students complete a one-credit Russian Across the Curriculum (RAC) tutorial.

The purpose of the RAC tutorial is to provide a formal way for advanced students to link their study of Russian with their major or an area of strong academic interest. In the RAC tutorial, students learn specialized vocabulary, read about and discuss issues of importance related to the chosen topic, and prepare for the “direct enroll” course at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University that students complete as part of the Russian Overseas Flagship capstone program.

Working with a tutor who has expertise in the selected topic or course, students write a five-page paper in Russian that is submitted to the program’s co-director, Dr. Karen Evans-Romaine, or associate director, Dr. Anna Tumarkin, at the end of the semester. Some students choose to submit their final papers for consideration at academic conferences, such as the UCLA Undergraduate Conference on Slavic and East/Central European Studies.


Step 1: Make plans for your tutorial.

Decide when you would like to complete the tutorial. You may enroll in the RAC tutorial any time after you have completed fourth-year Russian (Slavic 321-322/465), although the program recommends that you complete the tutorial during your pre-capstone year (the year before you participate in the Russian Overseas Flagship capstone program).

Discuss your ideas for your tutorial with your Russian Flagship advisor. You may choose to link your RAC tutorial to:

  • A general subject area or academic topic of interest
  • A course that you’re taking during the same semester as the RAC tutorial
  • A course that you’ve already taken or plan to take

Step 2: Complete the RAC tutorial survey to request a tutor.

As soon as you have a clear picture of the focus of your tutorial, you should share your plans in the survey below. The Russian Flagship Program will use this information to identify an appropriate tutor. (This process can take up to a month, so it’s important that you meet the deadlines.)

Priority Deadlines

Fall Semester: May 15 (preferred), August 15 (final)
Spring Semester: November 15 (preferred), December 15 (final)


Step 3: Enroll in Slavic 699: Directed Study.

The final step is to enroll in Slavic 699: Directed Study for one credit through MyUW. (This is how you get credit for your RAC tutorial.) Enrollment in this directed study course is by permission only. To get authorized to enroll, please send an e-mail to Dr. Evans-Romaine, copying the undergraduate advisor for the Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic+, Joanna Schuth. You will then receive authorization to enroll in Slavic 699: Directed Study.


Important: When you search for Slavic 699 in the Course Search & Enroll app, make sure that you select “closed” sections.