Russian Flagship Program

University of Wisconsin-Madison


Tutoring is a critical component of the Russian Flagship Program that provides students with extra practice and focused, individualized attention as they progress through the program and work to meet proficiency goals. Russian Flagship advisors determine general areas of focus for tutoring (e.g. conversation, academic writing); students decide with their tutors how best to organize their tutoring sessions, based on these general areas of focus, and on their individual interests and needs.

Students meet with their tutors for 1-4 academic hours (50 minutes) each week, at a mutually convenient time. Depending on a student’s level in Russian, tutoring may take place in small groups, with other Russian Flagship students, or students may have both small-group and individual tutoring.

Students are responsible for coming prepared to tutoring sessions with ideas for topics to discuss or aspects of Russian language to practice. Tutoring sessions should be primarily driven by students; they are not independent study or formalized courses for which tutors will prepare lesson plans.

Please direct questions or concerns about tutoring to Dr. Anna Tumarkin.

Russian Across the Curriculum Tutorial

As part of upper-level coursework requirements, Russian Flagship students must complete a Russian Across the Curriculum (RAC) tutorial in Russian for one credit. The Russian Across the Curriculum tutorial is intended to provide Russian Flagship students with vocabulary and the opportunity to read about and discuss issues of importance in the student’s major, or, less frequently, in an area of strong academic interest that might provide the basis for further study of that area during and after the capstone year abroad. Learn more about the RAC tutorial.

Tutoring Resources

The Russian Flagship Program maintains the following tutoring resources:

Russian Flagship tutor shows pictures on a laptop

Above: Russian Flagship tutor Liubov Kostyukova during a group tutoring session.