Russian Flagship Program

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Russian Flagship Students

Ryan Berthiaume

Major: Chemical Engineering

I started studying Russian during my free time in high school because I found the alphabet interesting. I am excited to have the opportunity to continue learning and improving my Russian with the awesome opportunities that the Russian Flagship Program provides!

Sasha Brooks

Major: Undeclared

Isabel Cook

Major: History

Lucas Eberhart

Political Science, Russian

Megan Feeley

Major: International Studies, Russian

I've always enjoyed learning new languages. Being able to speak a language other than my own fluently has been a dream of mine, and that's exactly what the Russian Flagship Program provides. Additionally, my dream job is working for the FBI, and Russian is one of the languages that they are looking for. I also really fell in love with Russian history through some history classes that I took in high school, and I thought that learning the language would bring me closer to the history. I'm happy to be enrolled in Russian now, especially since I've met so many friends in my classes. I'm excited to be in the program and to take advantage of the many opportunities that it has to offer!

Noah Forehand

Major: Undeclared

Aaron Greenberg

Major: Undeclared

Jason Jenson

Major: Linguistics

Ariel Ketcham-Warshaw

Major: Undeclared

Kennedy Lee

Majors: Political Science, Russian

I knew I wanted to study a critical language in college, and after doing research on languages at UW-Madison, I came across Russian and decided to try it. I've always been very fascinated with Russia and its relations with the United States. Russian language was by far my favorite class throughout my first year of college, and I really don't know where I would be without it today. It sounds cheesy, but I feel like Russian is just a part of me now. I'm so glad I decided to challenge myself and try something new, and am very excited to see what my future holds through the Russian Flagship Program.

Bryce Linden

Major: Undeclared

Justin Magoon

Major: History, Russian

I started studying Russian for a combination of reasons. It is a strategic defense language, so I can receive a lot of scholarships for studying it. The language is also highly sought after by the United States Air Force, especially given Russia’s more recent status in the geopolitical sphere. I’ve also been very curious about Russian for some time. It has been that mystery language, the one that you always love to hear but never knew what they were saying. So, I thought it was time to figure out what they were saying!

Will Maher

Major: History

When you talk or write, you establish a connection with your audience, a mutual understanding which gives the words you use meaning. Learning a new language challenges you to find an entirely new way to communicate both basic information and complex thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It’s a really beautiful process, but I didn’t really appreciate it until I started taking Russian at UW-Madison. Using English has always been natural and comfortable for me, but it’s been really beneficial for me to step out of that linguistic comfort zone and allow myself to be challenged in a unique way. Similarly, I’m excited to take advantage of the Russian Flagship Program’s study abroad opportunities and step outside of my cultural comfort zone.

Andrew Marco

Major: Undeclared

Gustavo Marquez

Major: Undeclared

Suzy Mihalyi

Major: Geological Engineering

Geological engineering and Russian may seem like a counterintuitive pair, but with geology, the earth is your office, and it's a dream of mine to work internationally someday. I first started learning Russian on a NSLI-Y program in Chisinau, Moldova, where I quickly became enamored with the Russian language and culture. I was unsure of the role that learning Russian would play in my college years, but when I heard about the Russian Flagship Program, I knew that it was perfect for me. Russian Flagship provides me with an avenue to advance my Russian language skills alongside my engineering studies, and I couldn't be more excited to see what is in store for me during my time as a Russian Flagship student!

Margot Miller

Major: Neurobiology, Russia

Anna Nehyba

Major: International Studies

Julian Newman

Majors: English, Russian

I first became interested in Russian during freshman year, after taking Russian literature and history courses. I thought, "How cool would it be to be able to read these texts in their original language?" I am still making progress towards Russian literary proficiency. Studying Russian at UW-Madison has been an overall positive experience and my Russian has greatly improved since I started taking Russian courses. I hope to someday use the Russian language in a professional capacity. The Russian Flagship Program provides me with opportunities to learn more about Russia and Russian culture while working towards my eventual goal of using Russian language in a career setting.

Nicholas North

Major: History

Jacob Pflughoeft

Major: Undeclared

When I went to register for classes at SOAR, I was told about First-Year Interest Groups. As an undecided freshman, only one of them appealed to me: "Russia and the World," which was to change the course of my college career irreversibly. I was interested in that program because the previous summer I had read a book called "The Kitchen Boy" by Robert Zimmerman, which detailed the lives of the last Romanov family. As my first semester in college rolled on, I found my interest in Russian was growing daily. Though increasingly difficult, I had the greatest teacher who made it fun to struggle. Then (like in German), I began thinking in Russian. I could express things in a different language and I was so excited! From then on, I knew I wanted Russian to be a part of me and when I heard about the Russian Flagship Program, I was immediately interested. Here I am now!

Anya Price

Major: Undeclared

Katherine Sandy

Major: Community and Nonprofit Leadership

Sterling Sauter

Major: Russian

Brendan Smith

Major: Genetics

Rylan Smolik

Major: Russian

Liam Tomson-Moylan

Major: Computer Sciences

Claudia Torres-Giraldo

Major: Undeclared

Marina Waggoner

Major: Zoology

Jessica Warner

Major: Undeclared

Brady Wegner

Major: Spanish

Kate Wells

Major: Dairy Science

I chose to study Russian because I greatly enjoy the history and literature. I came into college wanting to study to be proficient in a spoken language after taking Latin for seven years (Latin is super fun, by the way). I chose Russian because I was first interested in the last royal family; that interest morphed into an interest in Russian royalty in the 1800s and Stalin and his family.