Russian Flagship Program

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Russian House

Russian Flagship students are able to immerse themselves in Russian culture right here on campus through the International Learning Community (ILC), a residential program at UW-Madison that connects in and out-of classroom experiences and helps students gain critical understanding of world cultures. Russian House, part of the ILC, offers students the opportunity to:

  • Live with other students of Russian in the ILC in Adams Hall, a dormitory on the shores of Lake Mendota located only five minutes from Van Hise Hall, where Russian language classes are located
  • Enjoy additional opportunities to practice Russian outside of class
  • Participate in social activities: cook Russian meals, watch Russian movies, read Russian magazines, play Russian games, enroll in a one-credit course on Russian culture taught by a faculty member in the Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic Languages and Literature
  • Participate in ILC events such as roundtable dinners and international programs
  • Benefit from the support of a community of like-minded students who share their interest in Russian language and culture
  • Students live with a Graduate Language Program Coordinator (GLPC) who coordinates programs and social activities, provides tutoring, and supports students in using Russian on the floor.

"As a Russian Flagship student, I know that learning a language involves so much more than just putting in the classroom hours; it involves completely submerging oneself in that language and culture. Living in the Russian House allows me to do just that, while living among peers who share my Russian language goals. Having a comfortable environment in which I can explore and expand my Russian skills with friends has been so beneficial to my language development."

- Kasey King, former Russian House resident

Students and faculty in front of Russian House