Russian Flagship Program

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Program Requirements

The Russian Flagship Program provides undergraduates with a rigorous, flexible program designed to enable students of all majors and at all levels of prior proficiency in Russian to meet the requirements of their major field of study and to achieve a professional level of proficiency in Russian by graduation.

Students admitted to the Russian Flagship Program work with an advisor on an individualized plan of study for meeting the program's domestic and overseas requirements, outlined in the table below. The length of time that it takes students to complete the program depends on their background and preparation, as well as their commitment to the program. Motivated and hard-working students with no prior knowledge of Russian can complete the program in 4-5 years.

Where What How
UW-Madison Foundational coursework

Russian Flagship students must complete the following foundational courses or the equivalent, during the academic year or summer, at UW-Madison or overseas. Most students take these courses at UW-Madison, but some students enter the program having completed the equivalent of these courses elsewhere (during high school or at another university) or have proficiency in the language and begin at a higher level:

1. Slavic 101-102: 1st Year Russian, 4 credits each
2. Slavic 203-204: 2nd Year Russian, 4 credits each
3. Slavic 275-276: 3rd Year Russian, 4 credits each
4. Slavic 315-316: Russian Language and Culture I & II, 2 credits each
5. Slavic 321-322: 4th Year Russian, 4 credits each
UW-Madison Advanced coursework

Students then complete the following required coursework:

1. Slavic 433: History of Russian Culture, 3 credits
2. Slavic 434: Contemporary Russian Culture, 3 credits
3. Slavic 699: Russian Across the Curriculum, 1 credit
4. One of the following courses: Slavic 560: Capstone Seminar in Russian Literature and Culture or Slavic 705: Special Topics in Russian Language/Linguistics, 3 credits each

UW-Madison Tutoring During the academic year, students meet with individual and small group tutors for 1-4 classroom hours (50 minutes) per week, depending on their current level in Russian.
UW-Madison Assessments Russian Flagship students commit to participating in ongoing language proficiency assessments, usually conducted twice per calendar year.
UW-Madison Extracurricular activities Russian Flagship students are required to participate in a planned program of extra- and co-curricular events and activities, typically 8 events per semester.
Overseas Pre-capstone study abroad Russian Flagship students are required to complete a minimum of 6 weeks of participation in an intensive overseas Russian-language program at the secondary level or above prior to admission to the Russian Overseas Flagship (ROF) capstone program. Most students fulfill this requirement by participating in a UW-Madison summer study abroad program to a Russian-speaking country.
Overseas Russian Overseas Flagship (ROF) capstone study abroad The Russian Overseas Flagship (ROF) capstone program, located in Almaty, Kazakhstan and administered by American Councils for International Education, is an academic year study abroad program that provides undergraduate students with intensive, professional language training and development. Students typically graduate from UW-Madison at the end of this study abroad program.

Requirements for Satisfactory Progress

Students admitted to the Russian Flagship Program sign an acceptance form indicating that they understand the program's requirements and commit to working to the best of their ability to achieve a professional level of proficiency in Russian. To make satisfactory progress in the Russian Flagship Program, students must:

  • Meet proficiency benchmarks and complete course requirements, as specified in their individualized study plan;
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.5 in Russian courses, and cumulative GPA of 3.0;
  • Enroll in at least 3 credits of Russian each semester;
  • Participate in 1-4 hours of tutoring, following program policies and tutoring guidelines;
  • Actively participate in Russian Flagship Social Hour and other programming for Russian Flagship students;
  • Participate in Russian Flagship assessments.

Students who are not making satisfactory progress will be notified first orally, then, if necessary, in writing. Students who receive a written notice may be placed on probation. Students on probation must meet the terms of the probation to remain a student in the Russian Flagship Program.