The Russian Across the Curriculum tutorial is part of the program's advanced coursework requirements.

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Russian Across the Curriculum

Tutorial Examples

wdt_ID Student's Major Course or Topic Paper Title
1 Anthropology Anthropology 330: Hypermodern Cities The Role of Architecture in the City of Kazan
2 Biochemistry Biochemistry The Influenza A Virus
3 Biology Public Health in Eastern Europe The History of Epilepsy and Epilepsy in Dostoyevsky
4 Economics Economics The U.S. "Financial Shutdown"
5 Finance, Investment, and Banking Business/Finance Quitting Smoking in Russia: Excise Taxes and Other Solutions
6 History History 600: Cold War on Ice Societal Reflections in Hockey in the USSR and Canada
7 International Studies Slavic 440: Soviet Literature The War Between the Church and the State in Medieval Russia
8 Linguistics Linguistics 522: Advanced Morphology English Borrowings in Russian
9 Nuclear Engineering Nuclear Engineering/Physics Nuclear Reactors
10 Russian Nutritional Science 132: Nutrition Today Sour Cabbage in Russian Culture, History, and Cooking