Sarah Allen

Major: Russian Language and Literature (2014)
Sarah Allen completed the Overseas Russian Flagship Program in St. Petersburg in May 2014.

Jacob Beebe

Majors: Russian, Psychology (2016)
Despite having a solid amount of German in high school, I’d been away from it for too long when I started at UW-Madison and so decided to try a new language. My gut told me to give Russian a shot. Not only did I love the language and the challenges that come with learning it, but other literature and cultural classes have shown me how important Russia has been (and will be) on the world scene. The opportunities for in-depth language study presented by the Russian Flagship Program will hopefully enable me to quickly master a skill that I would like to use in travel and in future work.

Anthony Betts

Major: Nuclear Engineering (2015)

Timothy Butler

Major: History (2014)
Timothy Butler completed the Overseas Russian Flagship Program in St. Petersburg in May 2014. In the future, he hopes to apply his Russian language skills in a non-governmental organization or intergovernmental organization like the United Nations.

Alina Capanna

Majors: Philosophy, Russian Language and Literature (2016)

Julia Deyeva

Major: Russian, Medical Microbiology and Immunology (2012)
Julia Deyeva completed the Overseas Russian Flagship Program in 2012 and received Language Flagship Certification. Her internship in St. Petersburg was at the Influenza Research Institute.

Meagan Dunham

Majors: Russian Language and Literature, International Studies (2014)
Meagan Dunham completed the Overseas Russian Flagship Program in St. Petersburg in May 2014. In the future, she hopes to work for the federal government in either a foreign policy or global security capacity.

Kyle Farrell

Majors: Russian, Economics (2015)

Roy Ginsberg

Majors: Economics, Russian (2015)

Kristen Hendrickson

Majors: Russian Language and Literature, Cultural Anthropology (2013)
Kristen Hendrickson completed the Overseas Russian Flagship Program in St. Petersburg in May 2013 and graduated from UW-Madison in December 2013, with a double major in Russian and Anthropology. During her time in St. Petersburg, she interned at the Centre for Independent Sociological Research. She has also spent two summers as a counselor for the Pushkin Summer Institute. Since spring 2014, she has been living in New York City to pursue, as she puts it, "a grown-up job."

Devin Hess

Major: Russian (2015)

Brian Hoettels

Major: Biochemistry (2014)
Brian Hoettels completed the Overseas Russian Flagship Program in St. Petersburg in May 2014.

Benjamin Hooyman

Majors: Finance, Russian (2015)

Marisa Irwin

Majors: German, History, Russian (2016)
To be honest, I stumbled upon Russian by chance. I’ve always been interested in languages in part because I have been learning German since I was five. I wanted to have a career where language was an important part of it. When I realized I wanted to be a translator, it did not take long before I realized I needed another language in addition to German and English. I’ve always been somewhat of a history buff and enjoyed reading about the tsars and especially the myth of the lost princess Anastasia. Because of my interest in Russian history, I figured I might as well take a Russian language class. When I heard about the Russian Flagship Program and its goal of making students become native-level speakers, it seemed like a program tailored to help me towards my career goal. After all, you can’t be a translator if you can’t speak the language. This is one of the best opportunities to come my way at UW-Madison and I am thrilled to be a part of the Russian Flagship Program.

Julianna Jerosch

Majors: Political Science, Economics (2015)

John Lyell

Majors: Russian, Finance (2015)
When I was signing up for classes my freshman year, I wanted to learn things that I could never learn in high school. Russian inevitably drew me in, filling my inescapable urge to experience something that was both unique and unusual. Obviously I have not regretted this decision as can be seen with my participation in the Russian Flagship Program. With such similar and yet dissimilar customs, vast literary culture, and deep and intrinsic history, I was drawn to learn everything about Russia and those strange people I had only previously associated with the stereotypical Ivan Drago macho-man from Rocky IV. I have even taken upon myself the task of learning balalaika to join our local Russian folk orchestra. Though I have not decided exactly what I want to do with these language skills, I figure that more experimenting will open that riddle wrapped inside a mystery, also known as my life.

Ainsley McNerney

Majors: Russian, English Literature and Linguistics (2016)
Learning Russian was not always my plan. I know that I wanted to study a language in college but I was not positive as to which one when I first enrolled at UW Madison. My interest in Russian was piqued for a few reasons: I am a huge fan of Russian literature, Dostoevsky being my favorite Russian author. I read Crime and Punishment in high school and was motivated to go to St. Petersburg to see firsthand the images depicted in the novel. I also really enjoy learning about Russian history. For those reasons, I decided that I wanted to study the language. I have become very passionate about the language and cannot wait to incorporate it into my future career! I believe that being a part of the Russian Flagship Program will be vital in helping me to achieve my career goals as well as my personal desires to see and explore Russia!

Naira Ovsepyan

Major: Political Science (2012)
Naira Ovsepyan graduated from UW-Madison in May 2012 after completing the Overseas Russian Flagship Program in St. Petersburg, where she did an internship with the Anti-Descrimination Centre "Memorial." In 2013, she received Language Flagship Certification. In spring 2013, Naira started a job as a Program Assistant in the Assessment and Curriculum Development department at American Councils for International Education in Washington, D.C. She assists in the daily operations of the department, including reviewing test materials for accuracy, preparing documentation, providing logistical support to the staff, among other duties. She uses her Russian daily to proofread Russian language proficiency exams or speak with co-workers, many of whom are fluent in Russian.

Bernadette Parker

Major: Russian (2015)

Ryan Prinz

Majors: International Studies, Russian (2012)
Ryan's internship while on the Overseas Russian Flagship Program in St. Petersburg in 2011-12 was at the Centre for Independent Social Research. Upon returning to the States, Ryan graduated from UW-Madison in May 2012, then spent the summer working as a residential counselor for the Pushkin Summer Institute. He received his Language Flagship Certification and works in the Eurasian Division of the National Endowment for Democracy, which is dedicated to the strengthening and growth of democratic institutions internationally. He monitors the political situation and news coming out of the Caucasus and Central Asia, and provides administrative support: processing grant requests and providing support to grantees, evaluating the effectiveness of grantee projects, organizing meetings concerning regional issues/developments, attending relevant conferences in the DC area, etc.

Anne Redmond

Majors: Russian, Comparative Literature (2014)
Anne Redmond completed the Russian Overseas Flagship Program in St. Petersburg in May 2014.

Henry Schmaltz

Major: Russian Language and Civilization (2016)
After joining the Air Force ROTC program, I was taking both Russian and Arabic and planning to major in linguistics. However, my Russian began to overpower my Arabic and I decided to specialize in Russian, wanting to become a subject matter expert on all things Russian. I was awarded a full-scholarship for the language, allowing me to enjoy the peace of mind of having a guaranteed job as an Air Force Officer. I have spent the past two summers in Kiev, Ukraine, and Moscow, Russia, and thoroughly enjoyed both countries and cultures and cemented my drive to major in Russian. The Russian Flagship Program has vastly improved my speaking abilities, which helped me a lot while studying abroad. I have also found that many of the cultural subjects, movies, and news stories we have covered come in handy when having conversations with Russians. I have been waiting to read many of the prominent Russian literary works until I am able to read them easily in Russian and fully enjoy them. I think any career involving Russian will be an exciting one.

Leah Shapiro

Majors: Biology, Russian (2015)

Erik Sohlden

Major: Classics (2016)

Janet Stewart

Majors: Russian (2015)

Maria Vishnevsky

Majors: Political Science, Russian (2015)

Azeem Zaman

Majors: Mathematics, Economics (2015)

The UW-Madison Russian Flagship is a collaborative initiative of the UW-Madison Department of Slavic Languages and Literature  and the Language Institute, with the Center for Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia, and the Doctoral Program in Second Language Acquisition
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