Russian Flagship Program

University of Wisconsin-Madison


The Russian Flagship Program provides undergraduates with a rigorous, flexible curriculum designed to enable students of all majors and at all levels of prior proficiency in Russian to meet the requirements of their major field of study and to achieve a professional level of proficiency in Russian by graduation.

Students admitted to the Russian Flagship Program work with an advisor on an individualized study plan for meeting these requirements. Those students who cannot follow the established curriculum in the recommended sequence will commit to summer study, in order to bring their proficiency up to target levels for each year in the program. 

Please note, all Russian Flagship students are required to enroll in a minimum of 3 credits per semester (3 contact hours per week) of Russian language coursework throughout their course of study at UW-Madison.

Students with no prior experience in Russian are able to complete the program in four years, depending on their other academic and major requirements.

Courses and Programs Academic Year

Summer Term*

Contact Hours
Fall Semester Spring Semester
1st Year Russian Slavic 101: 1st Semester Russian (4 credits) + Slavic 181: Honors Tutorial for Slavic 101 (1 credit, optional) Slavic 102: 2nd Semester Russian (4 credits) + Slavic 182: Honors Tutorial for Slavic 102 (1 credit, optional) Slavic 101-102: Intensive 1st Year Russian (8 credits) Academic Year: Classroom: 5-6 hours/week, Tutoring: 1-2 hours/week; Summer: Classroom: 20 hours/week
2nd Year Russian Slavic 203: 3rd Semester Russian (4 credits) Slavic 204: 4th Semester Russian (4 credits) Slavic 117-118: Intensive 2nd Year Russian (8 credits) Academic Year: Classroom: 5 hours/week, Tutoring: 1-2 hours/week; Summer: Classroom: 20 hours/week
3rd Year Russian Slavic 275: 3rd Year Russian (4 credits) Slavic 276: 3rd Year Russian (4 credits) Slavic 279: Intensive 3rd Year Russian (8 credits)*** Academic Year: Classroom: 5 hours/week, Tutoring: 2-3 hours/week; Summer: Classroom: 20 hours/week
  Slavic 315-316: Russian Language and Culture I & II (4 credits) can be completed concurrently with either 3rd or 4th Year Russian    
4th Year Russian Slavic 321: 4th Year Russian (4 credits) Slavic 322: 4th Year Russian (4 credits) Slavic 321-322 through study abroad (8 credits) Academic Year: Classroom: 3 hours/week, Tutoring: 2-4 hours/week; Summer: Classroom: 20 hours/week
5th Year Russian Slavic 433: History of Russian Culture (3 credits) Slavic 434: Contemporary Russian Culture (3 credits)   Academic Year: Classroom: Approx. 5 hours/week, Tutoring: 2-4 hours/week, including the RAC tutorial
Slavic 560: Capstone Seminar in Russian Literature and Culture (3 credits)** Slavic 705: Special Topics in Russian Language/Linguistics**
Russian Overseas Flagship Capstone Program The Russian Overseas Flagship (ROF) Capstone Program at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (KazNU) in Almaty, Kazakhstan administered by American Councils for International Education, includes intensive coursework, individual tutoring, direct enrollment in a course at KazNU (fall), a professional internship (spring), and a homestay with a Russian-speaking family   Fall Semester: Classroom: 21 hours/week, Tutoring: 4 hours/week; Spring Semester: Classroom: 16 hours/week, Tutoring: 4 hours/week, Professional Internship: 7+ hours/week

*Some courses that are available during the academic year can/must be completed during the summer term.
**Students must take either Slavic 560 or Slavic 705 to be eligible to apply for the Russian Overseas Flagship (ROF) capstone program. Interested students are welcome to take both courses.
***Slavic 279 is not offered every summer, but only periodically, based on projected enrollments.